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ACBGroup Sviluppo
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ACBGroup Sviluppo

ACBGroup Sviluppo was created to offer advisory and consultancy services under the scope of business consulting and corporate finance.
An innovative, independent entity in the world of business consulting, it can provide its clients with real added value, thanks to the exceptional know-how of its professionals and the synergic combination of the company members.

ACBGroup Sviluppo stands out for an innovative business model hinged on the creation of a “Network of value” that synergically combines the professional skills of its consultants with those of the partners of the integrated system of studies ACBGroup and Finanziaria Internazionale. The complementary nature of these players gives rise to a collective wealth of knowledge, skills and experiences, made even more effective by the use of a shared system of knowledge management, supported by the most advanced techniques of interaction and co-working.

In a context that evolves constantly and extremely quickly, ACBGroup Sviluppo guides the client towards a “new way of doing business”.