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Business Process Outsourcing
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Automotive & Nautical Services

In 1986, following a process of business expansion that broadened its business horizons to the various actors of the financial sector, Finanziaria Internazionale launched on the market a new set of outsourcing services on car and administrative practices mainly addressed to the leasing sector.

The business activity was entrusted to Agenzia Italia, a company highly specialised in conceiving, designing and managing technical-administrative services targeted to leasing and rental companies, and to financial institutions.

With more than 200 resources and offices in Conegliano (Treviso), Milan, Trento, Rome and Florence, Agenzia Italia is able to provide its Clients with strategic solutions for enhancing the competitiveness of their business.

Clients are flanked in all the stages of service planning and delivery, yet being relieved from the burdensome management of those activities that are not part of their core business and have high fixed costs.

The Management Team adopts a lean thinking approach that is systematically applied to the operational management with an aim to reduce time and money waste and to improve productivity with considerable cost benefits for the Client, thus reducing the price for the supplied service.

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