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Management Team

Fulvio Degrassi: Founding member of the study by the same name since 1984, the same year in which he qualified as a chartered accountant and registered with the Board of Trieste. He is also Technical Advisor to the Judge registered on the List of Auditors. His fields of specialisation include the globalisation of business, particularly focused on the eastern European countries, where he was responsible for the Representation Offices of the Regional Government of Friuli Venezia Giulia in four countries, where the study is present with its operative offices. Along his professional route, characterised by constant experience accrued both in Italy and abroad, amongst others, he stands out for the consultancy in preparing and stipulating inter-governmental and/or international inter-regional agreements in the sector of economy and finance; of his professional activity in private business, particularly worthy of note are his use of legislative instruments in the establishment of joint ventures, contracts, mergers and acquisitions of international corporate groups, the adoption of management control and analysis systems and intra-EU reorganisation operations of businesses and corporate groups in the ship-owning industry. At present, one of his fields of greatest expertise and interest is internal and international law trust, where he has specialised and accrued extensive professional competence. He has been Chairman of boards of auditors and auditor of Italian groups with a considerable international component or public capital companies, since 1995. Other continuous activities carried out on his professional sphere include the publication of articles in “Il Sole 24 ore” and other specialised magazines, the organisation and participation as speaker in congresses and meetings on the study of various economic and tax matters. His position is also noted as Chairman of the I.S.D.E.E. (Regional institute of studies and documents on the European Community and Eastern Europe) until December 2004.

Maurizio Cohen: Having graduated in law from the Luigi Bocconi University of Milan, he registered with the professional lists of lawyers and chartered accountants. Owner of the professional firm by the same name in Munich, he provides legal consultancy mainly in the area of international commercial law.

Gianni Ghirardini: born in Ravenna on 13 February 1965, he graduated in economics and business from Bologna University. He has been registered with the list of chartered accountants of Ravenna since 1994. He is registered on the official roll of legal auditors under no. 75854 (Official Journal IV, special series, no. 45 of 08/06/1999). Registered with the list of expert witnesses of the Court of Ravenna. Registered with the list of inspectors of the Lega Nazionale delle Cooperative e Mutue. He is a founding member of the STUDIO CONSULENZA Dottori Commercialisti associati of Ravenna. He has been a member of the advisory board of the Italian company of Consulenti Economico Aziendali ACBGroup Spa, since 2010. In 2013, he joined ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners), the world’s most important organisation able to boast the highest number of certified fraud examiners.
In addition to normal corporate, tax, defence contracting in tax proceedings, expert appraiser of corporate assets, consultant for acquisitions, disposals and corporate restructuring operations, he also holds offices in the governance and corporate control bodies, private entities and institutions, local foundations and entities and bank foundations.

Nicola Coccia: born in Naples on 13 July 1947, he is a chartered accountant and statutory auditor. He is an expert in the shipping sector and holds roles of governance and auditing in shipowner companies, as well as being Chairman of the Business Law and Finance Commission of the Italian Shipowners Confederation, Director on the Board and Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Italian Shipping Register. He is also a member of the Tax Technical Committee of Confindustria.