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Business Process Outsourcing
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P & O Lean Consulting

  • High-level training for businesses and public administration;
  • Lean production for front and back office services;
  • Document management and document digitization.

Finanziaria Internazionale is the only company in Italy applying the Toyota Production System (TPS) principles and methodology to services. After a reengineering and redesigning process of its main business activities, in 2008 Finint set up a company dedicated to promoting the lean production culture and its benefits. Finint & Wolfson Associati S.r.l. was set up in 2008 with the aim to provide high-level training for companies and public administration, and to increase their efficiency thanks to an in-depth analysis of business processes and the support of highly specialized advisory services to eliminate waste.

There are no perfect companies, but companies that are committed to constantly improving their structure through a path leading to growth and quality.

PDCA cycle
The Value Stream Map (VSM) is a set of activities that contribute to the provision of services. Great efficiency goes hand in hand with outstanding business performances. Applying the value stream to companies and integrating it with their 'waste hunting principles' (such as eliminating useless handling procedures, overproduction, waiting time, reworking, etc.) enables companies to further improve and look to the future with less uncertainty.

Lean Production is applied to the world of services, thanks to twenty years of experience combined with modern organisational techniques for developing new products, supply chains and operations.

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