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Credit investigations

The investigating office

The investigating office is an Agenzia Italia S.p.A. service, one of the longest-standing companies of the Finanziaria Internazionale group, specialised in the supply of back office administrative and credit outsourcing services, with more than 200 employees on the workforce. The service can guarantee the best possible assistance to collaborators with opinions of pre-feasibility, assistance for the correct addressing of the proceedings to the most suitable bank and support in the direct uploading of cases onto the reserved web platform. The Investigations Office also carries out checks of completeness or analyses required by the authorised Banks, entertains relations with the Credit Offices of the Banks for greater understanding of and compliance with the credit policies guaranteeing the presentation of proceedings compliant with their internal rules.

Thanks to this service, the consultant can dedicate his time exclusively to the client, whilst the Investigations Office, where practices are to be centrally uploaded, informs him of the “state of proceedings”, monitoring response times to ensure maximum efficiency.