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Business Process Outsourcing
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Other Services

Information Technology

What lies at the basis of the technological solutions offered by Finanziaria Internazionale is a team of over 20 IT experts who daily work to guarantee punctual support, both during the start-up and maintenance phases of the service provision process. Finint's information and communication technology experts work in collaboration with the Client to find innovative solutions that can be easily integrated with the management softwares of operational offices.


  • Design, implementation and customisation of corporate documentation and accounting management systems;
  • Network architectures, interfacing with information systems of credit institutions and disaster recovery;
  • Internet service providers and web company.

The services are provided by Fin.It, the company representing the true technological core of the Finanziaria Internazionale group.

Services can be improved only through technology. Computing solutions are the only guarantee of efficiency, organization and process control.

For further details, visit the Fin.It website

Insurance Services

In 2002 Finanziaria Internazionale acquired a share in the capital of SAFI Insurance, operating in the insurance service sector. Today SAFI Insurance is the insurance agency of the Finint Group which relies on the experience of an in-house pool of professionals, in order to select the best solutions based on specific client needs.

In this field, the Group boasts high-level expertise particularly as regards leases and loans.

For more details visit the SAFI Insurance website

Document management services

In 2009 Finanziaria Internazionale acquired a share in E-Masterit, a company specialised in the delivery of outsourcing document management services. The company has been operating in this field since 2001. It soon became a valuable point of reference for all those companies that need to manage physical and electronic repositories, thanks to its know-how and ability to treat documentation on paper of any type, format or quality by means of an integrated and modular solution.

E-Masterit, already an outsourcer for banks and manufacturing companies, joined the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) division of the Group with the aim to support companies in developing projects designed to improve the Client back-office organization and reduce their costs.

The services provided by E-Masterit increase the efficiency of clients' operational processes.

For further details, visit the E-Masterit website

Services for the real estate sector

In July 2012, the Finanziaria Internazionale group promoted the establishment of Global Point S.r.l., a company aimed at offering the world of real estate agencies a set of services able to innovate the concept of brokerage.

Thanks to the valuable know-how of the Finint Group, Global Point provides high value-added services for real estate professionals in an integrated project that combines the human factor and the aggregation of professionals with highly technological tools at the service of the final users and of the community of professionals, aimed at exchanging and sharing information.

For more information visit the Global Point website