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Finint was ranked among the three best merchant banks on the occasion of the fifth and sixth editions of the International Prize “Le Tre Frecce d’Argento della Finanza”.

This non-profit event was established with the aim to identify and select the best players in the financial sector for several business categories and to award them with a prize recognizing the quality, results and expertise developed in the course of their professional life.

Le Tre Frecce d'Argento della Finanza
Fifth Edition of the International Prize
  Le Tre Frecce d'Argento della Finanza
Sixth Edition of the International Prize
Merchant Bank

Finanziaria Internazionale
  Merchant Bank

Finanziaria Internazionale
Vitale & Associati
Corporate Finance & Asset Management

The magazine Structured Finance International awarded Finanziaria Internazionale with a prize for what was considered to be the best international transaction and for having contributed to the development of structured finance in Italy, as a result of a survey carried out among institutional investors active in the sector.

Best Securitisation
of European Assets
  Editor's Award for Advancing
Structured Finance
TI Securitisation Vehicle Srl

Telecom Italia

Joint-bookrunners: BNP Paribas,
WestLB (lead arranger)
Co-arranger: Finanziaria

 Eu 700m
  BNP Paribas

Finanziaria Internazionale

Morgan Stanley
Finanziaria Internazionale together with
the join bookrunners BNP Paribas e
West LB has been awarded the first
price for the "Best Securitisation of
European Assets
" by Structured
Finance International for its Telecom
Italia transaction.

This transaction has set the started in
the market for securitisation of telephone
bills, representing the first Master Trust
to be executed in Italy
  "... the Italian market would not be where it
is today without the sustained efforts of
three institutions".

"The people who really drove the market
forward... were
BNP Paribas, Finanziaria
and Morgan Stanley".

"Without these three, the Italian market
would be at least a year - perhaps more -
behind were it is today".

13 november 2013

Milano Finanza has rewarded the Fondo MiniBond PMI Italia

Milano Finanza has rewarded the Fondo MiniBond PMI Italia, the investment solution promoted by Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena and managed by Finint Investments SGR, under the scope of the 2013 edition of the MF Innovation Award. The Fund received the most sought-after prize in the category “Finance services for businesses” thanks to the high level of innovation of the investment solution, designed for SME financing requirements in a phase where the outlook is one of a restriction to bank credit.

15 march 2016

Premio Alto Rendimento 2015 of Il Sole 24 Ore to Fondo Finint Bond

At the 18th annual Premio Alto Rendimento awards sponsored by the Italian Newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore”, Fondo Finint Bond was named Best Single-Manager Hedge Fund for the results obtained in the last three years. The award is given to asset management companies and mutual investment funds that achieve excellent results. The “Best Speculative Fund” (Multi-manager and Single Manager) took into consideration Italian hedge funds not in liquidation with at least 36 months of statistical data (November 2012 – November 2015) that have performed at the highest level in their respective categories.

Business Process Outsourcing

December 2, 2010

Agenzia Italia S.p.A. winning the Veneto Awards 2010

In 2010, Agenzia Italia S.p.A. was awarded the prize "Creatori di Valore" by MF-Honyvem and Milano Finanza for the best financial results achieved.

December 12, 2012

Mutuo Casa Tua, the second-best New Network of Intermediaries

Mutuo Casa Tua, the commercial brand of MCS S.p.A., was ranked the second best "New Network of Intermediaries of the past two years" on the occasion of the event Leadership Forum Awards dedicated to loan brokerage.

3 december 2013

Finleasing rewarded “Best leasing intermediaries network”

Triple recognition for the 2013 edition of the Leadership Forum Awards, an event dedicated to the world of credit mediation. Finleasing rose to the podium as “Best leasing intermediaries network” (Credit mediators and agents), on the following grounds: “A company that is part of a solid Group that has developed considerable capacity in offering traditional clients consultancy services and in exploring new sectors”. Novembre Agenzia Italia, on the other hand, was rewarded with a second place as “Best service supplier for the sector”, whilst MCS took third place in the category “Best retail loans network”.

3 december 2014

Finint Green Hub rewarded as “Best innovative project”

Triple recognition also during the 2014 edition of the Leadership Forum Awards, an event dedicated to celebrating the excellences of the world of credit mediation. The “Finint Green Hub” project dedicated to the financing of the requalification of buildings, complete with turnkey restructuring solutions, has earned the recognition of the panel as best innovative project. For Finint Brokerage (formerly MCS), third place in the category of “Best retail credit consultancy network”.
Finint Brokerage then earned further recognition, together with the partner Gabetti, as “Best real estate network for innovation in relations with credit consultancy”.

2 december 2015

Finint Mediatore Creditizio rewarded as “Best corporate credit consultancy network”

In recognition of its capacity to develop as a new operator in corporate credit consultancy, Finint Mediatore Creditizio was rewarded as the “Best corporate credit consultancy network” during the fifth edition of the Leadership Forum Awards.